Running a fashion business on Facebook: The Dreambee story…..

I always felt I would never buy clothes or accessories online. I always like to see what I am buying and how it fits. But I can’t help it when nice looking dresses and shoes keep popping up in my face and I salivate. I just have to order! That was how I met Bola, who runs Dreambee stores on Facebook. I sent in an order and I got it much earlier than I expected that I couldn’t help wondering how she did it. Better still, my pocket didn’t have to sue me as her things stay affordable. So today, I am bringing her to you, just an example of how Facebook can be used to earn a decent living. Yes, I am mad about new media, even social media. Find the excerpts of the interview below:

When did you start Dreambee stores?

Db—about 3 years back in school but officially on the 10th of June 2009

How did you start Dreambee stores?

Db —I started selling ladies’ items a while back when I was in school and i found out i really enjoyed it so when I left school, I decided to go into it full time so I registered the name with CAC and made it official

Any staff? How many?

Db —we presently have two staff

What were you doing before Dreambee stores?

Db —Before Dreambee i was a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University(formally Ogun State university) studying anatomy

How far has Dreambee gone? Any growth any regrets? Any growth?

Db —Yes for certain there has been a tremendous growth in the last one year all thanks to the almighty God without whom I’d be nothing, and as for regrets, maybe that I didn’t start earlier lol, but aside from that, none what so ever

What gave you the idea of using Facebook?

Db —I knew a couple of people who had stores on Facebook, so I figured I could do it too since I couldn’t afford an actual shop

Has it been profitable?

Db —-oh yes! it has been great, far beyond my imagination

How many fans so far?

Db —-about 4000

How many sales daily?

Db —Daily sales range from 1-10

You recently celebrated one year, how did you feel?

Db —-Oh! I felt great, a year ago I never imagined Dreambee would grow so much in only 12 months but God has been faithful, and all the birthday wishes from fans made me feel very special.

What do you enjoy best about business on Facebook?

Db —lol… the fact that I can sell for free… lols..

What are your challenges?

Db —The only challenges might just be the people who post unwanted comments and pictures on the group page and on the wall, people who has undue access, that’s all.

Where there any expectations that were not met?

Db —oh! None at all

What is your next step?

Db —An actual shop is in the oven, we recently launched our website so a shop is next by God’s grace

What is your message to skeptical people out there?

Db —Please don’t be too rigid, allow for a little change, and let’s put Nigeria on the map together’ if you know what I mean, some people till this day would not shop online because they feel it’s all a scam, but if they can observe the world today they’ll see that everything is online these day.

Dream Bee Online

DreamBee is an online store dedicated to bringing you the best in fashion at the most reasonable prices. You can count on us to dress you up for any occassion no matter your bugdet. We carry various brands and style of tops, dresses, accessories, shoes, sandals, lingerie, and everything fashionable.


Everybody loves ball! Everybody plays ball! Interactive advertising at its best.

The world of advertising and branding has gone so dynamic that it appears to be an endless place of magic. I am so sure one of these days we would be able to live in the world of our products and experience it fully before buying it! Everywhere you go around the world, shopping malls, retail spaces, movie theatres and clubs, there are so many creative uses of lighting, colors and branding techniques. Many organizations have realized that you just can’t throw your products at your customers anymore. There are too many products in the market and choosing a product to buy has almost become like choosing a best friend. The thing is, we don’t necessarily choose our best friends. They become our best friends over a period of time because we have come to experience them, understand them and would choose them if given another opportunity. So I have come to respect those organizations that have recognized how to make friends. ESPN understands that the relationship between them and their customers is their love for football. So for people who don’t play football but watch, ESPN gave them an opportunity to “catch the ball”.
The “Is It Monday Yet?” campaign for Monday Night Football on ESPN was about finding entertaining and unexpected ways to remind football fans about the upcoming Monday night match-up. As the centerpiece of the 2009 integrated, multiplatform effort, storefronts in New York, Chicago and Boston were outfitted with interactive touchscreens utilizing gesture recognition technology, so passersby could stand in front of the store windows and try to catch consecutive footballs “thrown” at them by a virtual quarterback. The game used a computer vision based NUI (natural user interface) and, based on the user’s motion of “catching a ball,” the system would determine whether or not the pass was successful.
“ESPN MNF Interactive Storefront “The key to this installation’s success is that everyone, even non-fans, can get excited about catching a football. So many interactive storefronts confuse users with complex interactions but the simplicity of this one amps-up the crowd.” —Rachel Pasqua
“Advertising should be more than passive especially when it’s about sports. Ambient interactive pieces like this one turn an affinity or interest into street theater. It’s a great example to replicate, I can’t wait to see what we get in five years.” —Glen Sheehan

Buy The blackberry torch?

The blackberry torch, in many opinions, seemed to have been released at a wrong time. However, there are many blackberry users around the world and even though there are lovers of the HTC EVO 4G, Droid X and also the iphone 4, there might be reasons for actually buying the blackberry torch instead. Interesting things unfolded by RIM for this new device include:

• Touch screen, virtual keyboard and QWERTY keyboard. The storm and storm 2 was not so easy for non-touch screen lovers and a great number of people had a love-hate relationship with the touchscreen phones. But the torch has given an option to people whose fingers are not favored by the touchscreen. This should be exciting enough…best of both worlds!

• The new blackberry OS 6. Anyone using the storm 1 will appreciate the power of an OS upgrade and the new one which accompanies the torch should make playing around with this phone more fun.

• More social networking tools allowing you combine email, Facebook and twitter updates. Helping you integrate fun into a serious life.

• A five mega-pixel camera with LED flash. Not bad for those of us who have denied the existence of cameras besides mobile phones.

• Improved battery life, 5.8 hours talk time 14 days standby for those whose office spaces are their blackberries, and also those who live a relationship via BBM.

• 4GB memory (Not too large but it can take two movies) yaaay!

Are these reasons strong enough to stop you from buying the iphone 4 or the HTC? I guess it depends on what you stand to gain. We will be looking at the reasons to buy the iphone 4 next. Stay on course!

Social media No?

I never understood how much social media had taken over a great part of life until my birthday last year. The number of birthday wishes I got on Facebook was much more than those I got offline through SMS, calls and even face to face. Imagine if for every birthday wish I got, there was a commission of N100 to the medium of transmission? Imagine how much Facebook would make compared to other media. What’s even interesting is the fact that many people probably did not know it was my birthday until they saw a post from a mutual friend which spurred them into action. This can be very intriguing, especially the way it works with the human psyche. Social networks may appear to be a trend, but anyone who has seen the effect will agree that it has become mainstream, even in areas of life where we expect it be far from. What’s more? Social media is even popular in developing countries as much as developed countries even where internet access is not easy to come by. There must be something that makes it this popular.

Marketing and advertising appear to be very dynamic professions with high innovative methods and creative applications. However, not many organizations are willing to put their budgets at a risk by trying out new ways. Social media has proven to be a good marketing tool by a number of experts but there is still a great level of doubt among marketers in the involvement of many new media strategies. But among the many reasons for the fear and doubt, there are also many reasons to involve new media into your marketing strategies and campaigns. This is not to say all marketing or communication must make use of the new media. This also does not suggest that the marketing budget should all go to new media. But for the following reasons, you cannot ignore them:
• At least 28.7 5 of the world’s population is online and at least 66.8% of these people use social networks.
• Social media has become the number one activity on the internet: This may seem a fad to some people but it is very clear that even if the level of social networking activities reduce, many more new activities on the new media will be based on social media platforms. Interactivity (which is what social media is all about) will only increase.
• The economy calls for cost effective marketing techniques that will deliver the message. New media campaigns can be very cost effective and yet effective
• People discuss your brands on social media and get answers as well as opinions there. You better be proactive and be around to answer the questions yourself or at least influence whoever is giving opinions.
• Your rival might be using social media or considering it.
Many people are not sure how they can use social media to improve their brand and so I have a few tips for you:
• Conduct market research: find out who is on which site and what they are doing. Find out who is talking about what and look for ways to get them to talk about your brand.
• Build brand awareness and credibility by making use of online space through social media relations (to be discussed later), creating your own brand blog and website, where you are always available to respond to enquiries about your brand.
• Create contests and competition to keep people involved with your brand and talking about it constantly.
• Monitor your competition; find out what people are saying about your competition and how you can improve your own.
• Generate leads and referrals
• Allow sales with ease .Make your clients feel closer to you
From time to time, we will be looking at how we can use these strategies with case studies and possible mistakes. In the meantime, good luck while you try out new ways. If you have any questions please email me at

The new black berry 9800 torch!

The new blackberry 9800 torch slide phone!

We really can’t talk about the new media and social media without mentioning blackberries. Looking more yummy by the day, RIM appears to be ready to take on all forms of competition.For those who might not have liked the option of the touch screen on the storm 1 and 2, the blackberry torch solves the case by providing a qwerty keyboard when the screen is slid up.The device was launched with the new BB OS 6 and RIM says the BlackBerry 6 OS will offer “an intuitive multimedia experience right out of the box” with new additions in almost every media category. This model might be able to steal people who would have otherwise gone for the iphone or the Android but does it have what it takes to be a market leader? We would be looking at reviews from various angles this week! Don’t touch that tab!

New media conference in Lagos!

You are invited to the conference on New Media and the Knowledge Economy in Africa.

at: Honeywell auditorium, Pan- African University, Lagos, Nigeria

on: Wednesday, 11th August – Friday, 13th August, 2010

Keynote speaker: Dr. Adebambo Adewopo, DG, Nigerian Copyright Commission

Speakers include: Dele Olojede, CEO Timbuktu Media

Kabral Blay- Amihere, Chaiman, Ghana Media Commission

Nyimbi Odero, Office Lead, English speaking West Africa at Google

Florence Seriki, CEO, Omatek Computers

Jeremy Weate, Vice President Digital, Timbuktu Media


Collisions between Old and New Media: Convergence Culture in Zimbabwe

Wendy Willems, PhD

University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Triadic Interface Model: Media Choice for Knowledge Reproduction in Rural Yakurr, Nigeria

Koblowe Obono, PhD

Covenant University, Nigeria

Is it Goodbye to Ethics in Journalism? An Analysis of African News Coverage in the Internet Age

Bruce Mutsvairo

University of Hull, UK

‘Emerging’ Communities and New Understandings of the Self: Talk Radio in Post-apartheid South Africa

Jendele Hungbo

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Preserving Nigeria indigenous Culture in the Age of Globalization

Nwakerendu Fort Ike

Corporate Communications Department

Insurance PHB

Media Preference for Effective Dissemination of Poverty Alleviation

Programmes in Nigeria’s Semi-Urban Setting: Iwo Town in Perspective

Adeyemi Aderogba, PhD

Covenant University, Nigeria

Optimising computer-mediated marketing environments in leveraging customer engagement in the financial sector: a perspective on sub-Saharan Africa

Wilson Ozuem, PhD

University of Gloucestershire, UK

Kerry Howell, PhD

University of Plymouth, UK

Geoff Lancaster, PhD

London School of Commerce, UK

Nigerian Children and the New Media: What Socio- Economic Implications?

Chidinma Henrietta Onwubere, Ph.D

National Open University of Nigeria

The New Media and Militancy in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

Austin Tam-George, PhD

Pan-African University, Nigeria

Citizen Empowerment and New Media: A Case Study of Minna, Niger State.

Ekundayo Afolabi

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Re-inventing Democracy? The Internet and the Challenges of Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

Meshach Ofuafor, PhD

Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Towards an Optimal Information Value – the Impact of Folksonomies, Voting, Comments and Liking on the Information Value of Internet Publications

Pius Onobhayedo

Pan-African University, Nigeria

Ethno-political Conflicts and the News Media in the Jos, Nigerian Crises

Terhemba Nom Ambe-Uva and Chidi Henrieta Onwubere, PhD

National Open University of Nigeria

ICTs and Research: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in an ICT Age

Adenike Olapeju Akinwumi

Bowen University, Nigeria

Knowledge Economy and Marketing Communications: The Digital Challenges and Prospects for a Developing Economy

Aretha Asakitikpi, PhD

Covenant University, Nigeria

Moses Ofome Asak

University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The New Media and Public Policy in Nigeria

Richard Ikiebe

Pan-African University, Nigeria

Harnessing the New Media for Effective Marketing Communications

Margaret Solo-Anaeto

Lead City University, Nigeria

The role of an African e-News Agency in Business and Financial intelligence

Isah E. Momoh, PhD

Pan-African University, Nigeria

Mobile Media and Knowledge Management in Mass Communication Education:

An Exploratory Study of Capacities and Orientations in a Nigerian University

Victor Ayedun-Aluma, PhD

University of Lagos, Nigeria

Media Use and Preference among Nigerian Undergraduates: A Case Study of Christian Mission Universities

Angela Osarieme Igbinoba

Covenant University, Nigeria

Nnonyelum Jane Oradiwe

University of Manchester, UK

State of Library and Information Service Delivery in Covenant University Today

Julie Enamen Ilogho

Covenant University, Nigeria

Academics’ Perceptions of Internet’s Influence on Teaching and Research in Two Nigerian Universities

Shittu, AbdulRaifu A.

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Strengthening the Tertiary Institutions’ Research and Development for National Development

Solomon George Anaeto, PhD

Babcock University, Nigeria

Pidgin English and MDG Goal 2 (Education)

Adetoye Oremosu

Pan-African University, Nigeria

Conference fee: N20,000 ($130). Fees covers conference materials and tea-break.

Students with ID 50% discount

PAU alumni 25%


New media, new problems?

Can we do without marketing? Can we do without advertising? Is there advertising without marketing? Are all advertising marketing? Can there be marketing without advertising? These were the questions my advertising facilititator asked one morning in class. Of course you can guess the war that started afterwards and you can also guess that there was no conclusion. That is the beauty of marketing. It evolves and adapts to every phenomenon no matter how overwhelming.

More than a decade ago, media was a triangle: print, TV and radio. Today, we are reading breaking news from our cell phones and posting our feedback while waiting for responses by the minute. My friend’s ten month old son is on Facebook. The most thrilling part is that we are doing it all at once. Media gets a new definition almost every other day and a new platform is born almost every hour.

It’s very cliché to say the new media has changed our lives. But it’s almost impossible to measure what it has changed specifically. One thing is sure: it matters. If I want to buy new shoes, I have the option of going to Mobos at the palms shopping mall in addition to visiting the Facebook page of fancy mancy boutique. The market is wider, the options are even more.

Marketing strategy now involves direct conversations with your potential customers and their influencers. So when we talk about what’s going on in the world of marketing, we will be talking a lot on the new media and social media. Join us as we take the ordinary to the professional! We’ll be talking on various aspects from tested and tried case studies, propositions, moves gone wrong and how we can integrate these new forms successfully. Have a tweet day!