New media, new problems?

Can we do without marketing? Can we do without advertising? Is there advertising without marketing? Are all advertising marketing? Can there be marketing without advertising? These were the questions my advertising facilititator asked one morning in class. Of course you can guess the war that started afterwards and you can also guess that there was no conclusion. That is the beauty of marketing. It evolves and adapts to every phenomenon no matter how overwhelming.

More than a decade ago, media was a triangle: print, TV and radio. Today, we are reading breaking news from our cell phones and posting our feedback while waiting for responses by the minute. My friend’s ten month old son is on Facebook. The most thrilling part is that we are doing it all at once. Media gets a new definition almost every other day and a new platform is born almost every hour.

It’s very cliché to say the new media has changed our lives. But it’s almost impossible to measure what it has changed specifically. One thing is sure: it matters. If I want to buy new shoes, I have the option of going to Mobos at the palms shopping mall in addition to visiting the Facebook page of fancy mancy boutique. The market is wider, the options are even more.

Marketing strategy now involves direct conversations with your potential customers and their influencers. So when we talk about what’s going on in the world of marketing, we will be talking a lot on the new media and social media. Join us as we take the ordinary to the professional! We’ll be talking on various aspects from tested and tried case studies, propositions, moves gone wrong and how we can integrate these new forms successfully. Have a tweet day!


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