Buy The blackberry torch?

The blackberry torch, in many opinions, seemed to have been released at a wrong time. However, there are many blackberry users around the world and even though there are lovers of the HTC EVO 4G, Droid X and also the iphone 4, there might be reasons for actually buying the blackberry torch instead. Interesting things unfolded by RIM for this new device include:

• Touch screen, virtual keyboard and QWERTY keyboard. The storm and storm 2 was not so easy for non-touch screen lovers and a great number of people had a love-hate relationship with the touchscreen phones. But the torch has given an option to people whose fingers are not favored by the touchscreen. This should be exciting enough…best of both worlds!

• The new blackberry OS 6. Anyone using the storm 1 will appreciate the power of an OS upgrade and the new one which accompanies the torch should make playing around with this phone more fun.

• More social networking tools allowing you combine email, Facebook and twitter updates. Helping you integrate fun into a serious life.

• A five mega-pixel camera with LED flash. Not bad for those of us who have denied the existence of cameras besides mobile phones.

• Improved battery life, 5.8 hours talk time 14 days standby for those whose office spaces are their blackberries, and also those who live a relationship via BBM.

• 4GB memory (Not too large but it can take two movies) yaaay!

Are these reasons strong enough to stop you from buying the iphone 4 or the HTC? I guess it depends on what you stand to gain. We will be looking at the reasons to buy the iphone 4 next. Stay on course!


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