Running a fashion business on Facebook: The Dreambee story…..

I always felt I would never buy clothes or accessories online. I always like to see what I am buying and how it fits. But I can’t help it when nice looking dresses and shoes keep popping up in my face and I salivate. I just have to order! That was how I met Bola, who runs Dreambee stores on Facebook. I sent in an order and I got it much earlier than I expected that I couldn’t help wondering how she did it. Better still, my pocket didn’t have to sue me as her things stay affordable. So today, I am bringing her to you, just an example of how Facebook can be used to earn a decent living. Yes, I am mad about new media, even social media. Find the excerpts of the interview below:

When did you start Dreambee stores?

Db—about 3 years back in school but officially on the 10th of June 2009

How did you start Dreambee stores?

Db —I started selling ladies’ items a while back when I was in school and i found out i really enjoyed it so when I left school, I decided to go into it full time so I registered the name with CAC and made it official

Any staff? How many?

Db —we presently have two staff

What were you doing before Dreambee stores?

Db —Before Dreambee i was a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University(formally Ogun State university) studying anatomy

How far has Dreambee gone? Any growth any regrets? Any growth?

Db —Yes for certain there has been a tremendous growth in the last one year all thanks to the almighty God without whom I’d be nothing, and as for regrets, maybe that I didn’t start earlier lol, but aside from that, none what so ever

What gave you the idea of using Facebook?

Db —I knew a couple of people who had stores on Facebook, so I figured I could do it too since I couldn’t afford an actual shop

Has it been profitable?

Db —-oh yes! it has been great, far beyond my imagination

How many fans so far?

Db —-about 4000

How many sales daily?

Db —Daily sales range from 1-10

You recently celebrated one year, how did you feel?

Db —-Oh! I felt great, a year ago I never imagined Dreambee would grow so much in only 12 months but God has been faithful, and all the birthday wishes from fans made me feel very special.

What do you enjoy best about business on Facebook?

Db —lol… the fact that I can sell for free… lols..

What are your challenges?

Db —The only challenges might just be the people who post unwanted comments and pictures on the group page and on the wall, people who has undue access, that’s all.

Where there any expectations that were not met?

Db —oh! None at all

What is your next step?

Db —An actual shop is in the oven, we recently launched our website so a shop is next by God’s grace

What is your message to skeptical people out there?

Db —Please don’t be too rigid, allow for a little change, and let’s put Nigeria on the map together’ if you know what I mean, some people till this day would not shop online because they feel it’s all a scam, but if they can observe the world today they’ll see that everything is online these day.

Dream Bee Online

DreamBee is an online store dedicated to bringing you the best in fashion at the most reasonable prices. You can count on us to dress you up for any occassion no matter your bugdet. We carry various brands and style of tops, dresses, accessories, shoes, sandals, lingerie, and everything fashionable.


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