How to make a good public presentation

Projectors and Microsoft Office Powerpoint appeared to have made public speaking easier, but the wrong usage can make people forget you ever said anything. So here are a few tips to help you make interesting and effective presentations, hope it helps:

Tips for public presentations

• Keep the background simple to enhance readability

• Always include at least one slide on your research methodology, i.e., quantitative or qualitative, sample size, error ratio, etc.

• Be clear about your sample and whether or not the results are able to be generalized

• Clearly title slides on methodology, sample, findings and conclusion

General purpose

• Slides should not serve as note cards you read

• Slides should show highlights of your presentation with you filling in the rest

Bullets and numbers

• Keep bullets simple and avoid too many on one slide

• Do not use more than one additional set of indented bullets

• When conveying rank or order, use numbers instead of bullets

Fonts, colors and graphics

• Use easy-to-read and professional fonts like Helvetica or Times New Roman

• Do not use all caps or all bold

• Using italics or underlining may cut off letters or be hard to read

• Use a strong contrast between slide background and font color
• Individual words can be emphasized in a contrasting color

• Try to limit your color palette to two to three colors

Final tips

• Use a variety of figures, charts, photographs throughout your presentation

• Try to have a visual break with a change in format at least every sixth slide

• Limit your graphics to one per slide whenever possible

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