GTBank launches mobile app for Nokia OVI

GTBank has launched MoVe(Mobile Velocity), a mobile phone application. Features to be enjoyed include The whole suite,currency converter,branch and ATM locator(especially for night crawlers and shopaholics)….lol,call GTConnect and the mobile website. Other benefits include, stock market reports etc

After such an exciting social media campaign which had talks with the GMD some weeks ago, i am really convinced that they know what time it is globally! Unfortunately, it;s just available on OVI so we BB and iphone users will just have to wait. I will also like to see such apps for tablets as well since the tablet fever is fast catching on!

I don’t know how good the application is yet, will test it and get right back to you!. For more information  or to dowload, you can check  or

see ya!


“Starcomms…..Listening to ur soul”

For some reason, I’ve always appreciated something about Starcomms, one of the major fixed wireless network operators in Nigeria. They seem to understand business in their region and they are relentless in making their mark.

For a long time, their campaign, ‘we speak your language’ and “roll out the drums” were very successful especially as some saw it as a way of identifying with their environment.

I’ve been feeling quite low today but I must say, I just saw a new campaign of theirs in Businessday , page 7,
I am quite impressed and my spirits have been lifted(anything creative lifts me up!). The caption says: “Listening to ur soul” while the pay off says ‘“hear” for you’.

Really creative if you ask me because the work looked like a strong effort by both the copywriter and the artist. The image of a pretty lady listening to headphones worked and kind of gave the soulful look (I think that was the idea). This was also impressive because it seems network operators never have interesting ideas for ads.
The pay off ‘”hear” for you’ really excited me because it talked about “listening”. In that case it’s like “here” as well as “hear”. Gottit?
My only challenge was the use of “ur” which I think is inappropriate as the correct word will not kill the message anyway.

IMO: Nice one Starcomms ( I will discuss their use of social media one of these days)

Follow Nigerian police on twitter

Nigerian police on twitter!

The digital divide is slowing melting away! The Nigerian police is on twitter. Just days ago, the United States military released a social media handbook, (to the surprise of many) and even tweeted about it. Now in Nigeria, we have the privilege of reaching our protectors at the speed of “twitter”. Really good move if you ask me and it just shows how big social media is. It also reminds me of how social media seems to represent the way we live life in communities. Yes,Naija o ni baje! lai lai!

You can follow the Nigerian police @NG_Police

Mobile West Africa!

Mobile Web West Africa is taking place at the Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos on Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd February 2011.

All the signs are there that it is going to be another standout conference following on from its 2 sister events Mobile Web Africa and Mobile Web East Africa.

A fantastic Speaker Faculty is being put together for the conference, which is going to feature a superb Interactive Roundtable Seating Format and the packed agenda is tackling arguably the single most important area of technological development on the continent that is happening right now – the explosion in mobile data usage and services.

The only downside of the seating format is that it limits the capacity at the venue and in this instanse there is only  space for 150. Early booking is definitely recommended especially as their last 2 events in South Africa  sold out.

The Mobile Web and Mobile Applications represents a superb opportunity for everyone in the mobile sector. Revenue generation, capacity development, creating a new generation of entrenpreneurs and the expansion of the mobile ecosystem in the region are all key facets of grasping this opportunity.

This event will tackle all of the fundamental elements of this vital topic area – right from monetising mobile to harnessing its potential for social change. all amber is excited about bringing the event to Africa’s biggest mobile market . The organisers hope that it will be the most innovative and progressive event to be held in West Africa in 2011.

I believe so!

What is your “digital net worth”?

In totally secular terms, one’s net worth is very important and can determine various opportunities one is like to meet. Most of us are more comfortable and confident with a higher net worth and people labor daily to protect their net worth and increase it.

The digital space seems to be a world which exists in a virtual space and these days it feels even as real as the real world. Many more activities go on in the digital space than we can visualize and so a few days ago, I asked myself, if the world was reset, everything was formatted, erased and the digital space served as the backup, will I still exist? If I exist, how relevant will I be; more relevant than I am or less? What will I be known as? What will be my profession? who will be my friends? Which company will still be in existence, which companies will be stable? And most of all, what will be my net worth?

I thought of various online entrepreneurs and tried to position them in various offices.

Of course Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google will be UN presidents, Seun Osewa of “Nairaland” will be Nigeria’s president, and “BellaNaija” will be the new “Silverbird” and so on.

Of course the world is not restarting this way. But many things are changing and the measures of effectiveness in various endeavours use different ways and techniques now. If the world restarts as hypothesized here, what happens to the scientist, teacher, professor, tailor, market woman, researcher, bus driver etc who does not have an email address? They might just seize to exist. What happens to that big conglomerate who just managed to have a webpage? They would probably be operating from the roadside. The corporate communication executive who doesn’t read and write his own emails? He will probably exist but not know his own home address. The Governor who calls Facebook a joke? He will watch as his office is being taken by someone else. ..The scenarios continue.

There are various possibilities that technology can bring and many times, it seems as if there is no use trying to keep abreast of various developments and how they might affect us. Of course, in Nigeria, there are many factors such as the absence of basic infrastructure that would determine the adoption of these technologies. However, it will not make sense if in the next century we cease to have any relevance just because we ignored developmental factors, which could have given us a chance at ruling the world. Reading the book “The world is flat” by Thomas Friedman opened my eyes to the possibility of moving forward by technology. China did it. India is doing it.

We may have no electricity, no good roads, no good water, health care, but we have GSM, we have some internet (although faulty) and we can start from there. Do not deny the usefulness of the new media; internet, social media, etc. They have changed our lives.