“Starcomms…..Listening to ur soul”

For some reason, I’ve always appreciated something about Starcomms, one of the major fixed wireless network operators in Nigeria. They seem to understand business in their region and they are relentless in making their mark.

For a long time, their campaign, ‘we speak your language’ and “roll out the drums” were very successful especially as some saw it as a way of identifying with their environment.

I’ve been feeling quite low today but I must say, I just saw a new campaign of theirs in Businessday , page 7,
I am quite impressed and my spirits have been lifted(anything creative lifts me up!). The caption says: “Listening to ur soul” while the pay off says ‘“hear” for you’.

Really creative if you ask me because the work looked like a strong effort by both the copywriter and the artist. The image of a pretty lady listening to headphones worked and kind of gave the soulful look (I think that was the idea). This was also impressive because it seems network operators never have interesting ideas for ads.
The pay off ‘”hear” for you’ really excited me because it talked about “listening”. In that case it’s like “here” as well as “hear”. Gottit?
My only challenge was the use of “ur” which I think is inappropriate as the correct word will not kill the message anyway.

IMO: Nice one Starcomms ( I will discuss their use of social media one of these days)


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