Branding a la Louboutin

 The word “branding” has become nauseating to many people, and some just can’t see it as anything beyond a logo. Marketing professionals have tried to explain how far branding goes but these days it seems like just another excuse to make good money. I cannot ignore branding as a media and marketing person but one thing I know is: “No two brands can ever be the same”. As a result of this, it only makes sense to search for that unique thing, hold unto it and claim your space (of course with quality).

It took me a while to become a fan of Christian Louboutin (Not even sure I spelt it right). I was still “sucking up” to Manolo Blahnik’s craftsmanship and coveted a lot of Jimmy Choos. But when the red soles began to hunt me down on every web page, event, show etc, I was sold. While so many people were thinking of how to create a good logo, paint their office space in the colors and probably even sponsor some kind of cause, this designer claimed a space that was barely thought of: The sole. It was simply; ‘seen a red sole, seen a Louboutin’. He claimed his space, has a strong identity and even if a fly girl is sleeping, she can recognize those red soles anywhere. Those red soles can be one of the strongest conversation starters anywhere.

For me, this is a great case study for marketing professionals, artists, artistes, and professionals of all kinds. Find that gap, fill it, and claim it. No other identity can be stronger than that. They can copy, but there will always be an original. Now to save money for that one I just saw…..hmmmmn

2 comments on “Branding a la Louboutin

  1. You know, i didn't even think of it that way. Louboutin totally claimed a space that most people would never think of. I think more and more people are recognizing the need to brand though, which is good.Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, leaving a comment, and most of all, for the more cornershoppers yaay lol. Really lovely blog you've got- professional. Hope i can task you to feature in mine soon (maybe give a marketing advice or two if you're feeling generous?) :DAdiya

  2. Thanks so much dear!. Am so loving " the cornershop" and I'm definitely stopping over everyday!. I'd try to send some posts as per marketing especially for businesses by next week. Also, I think there's someone you might like to festure. I'd suggest her to you on FB! Cheers!

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