What happened to "Nasco wafers"?

For every child that grew up in Nigeria especially between the late eighties and early nineties, “Nasco wafers” was one of the things for which we were proud of Nigeria.

With its very rich taste anticipated by the rich flavor as it is opened, it was just the ideal incentive for good behavior.

Besides its very good taste, the wafers were packed in very well-designed rectangular packets with boxes which housed about 12(24?) wafers. Available in about 4-5 flavors, each flavor was illustrated by a color which best represented it. For example, green (or yellow?) was banana as pink was strawberry.

If, as a child I was asked what a good brand was,
 he/she would most likely say” Nasco wafers”. It was simply this; it tasted as good as it looked. It was very Nigerian and everyone liked it.

At a time when we are seriously struggling to be seen as a good brand and using “proudly Nigerian” as a differentiator, I’d suggest we look at what we were doing right at that time; At the time when Nasco wafers was enough for most kids in Nigeria and we did not have to import biscuits to enjoy good taste.

Although their website lists it as one of the present products; I’ve not seen it in ages. Last time I tasted it, it was gummy and not as crispy as it used to be. I wonder what happened to Nasco wafers…


2 comments on “What happened to "Nasco wafers"?

  1. It’s been long since I last ate talkless of seeing them. They used to be packed in our lunch boxes then. I still remember the advert where the teacher seized it from one of her pupils, who was nibbling it under her desk cover, and later during breaktime when the kids where out she ate them while her pupils peeped her through the door.

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