…Of Steve Jobs and the UN building bomb…

Of Steve Jobs and the UN building…

It has been quite an eventful week in the life of the  typical global resident; from the strange earthquake around Virginia to the very much talked about resignation of Steve Jobs as well as the recent bombing of the UN Abuja building.

Anyone that knows me well is aware of my admiration for the man Steve Jobs and how much I love the two companies he is associated with-Pixar and Apple; I particularly love how much he has contributed to the world of innovation we have today.

The news of his resignation shook various parts of the world and some money markets may have even been affected. This is because he grew  a company that for a long time now has determined the route of culture, innovation and business. The iPod has been the number one selling Mp3 player in the world and would be found in the bags and pockets of more than half of an urban population at every point in time. The Ipad had been predicted to dominate the tablet market till 2015-in a world where there are options which are 80% cheaper.

While I heard the news-which was not surprising, I was just thinking of how one man with a vision can change so much in the world. I also started looking for that man in Nigeria whom we could say has brought so much innovation while retaining integrity. I listened to his story on TED talk (you can watch it here) and how he went through his first cancer experience.  I realised that from a particular point; he made up his mind (consciously or unconsciously) to make a difference and even when it was not favourable, that vision kept him going.

It was really disheartening to hear about the bomb blast at the UN building in Abuja this morning and I pray for the souls of the lost. It’s bad enough that I could not find a Steve Jobs who can make a difference, “in spite of”. All I see are people who have no guilt taking innocent lives, stealing money from the Government, kidnapping helpless old men and robbing their neighbours.  Thinking back to over 2 decades ago that companies such as Apple were formed, very few people would have foreseen the effect of Steve Jobs’ resignation on the world, but today we see it; In the same way, we might not be very mindful of the effect of an action such as the bombing of the UN building in the next few decades, but we would guess that it may not be favourable.

 As I thank Steve Jobs for being such an inspiration to me, I weep for my country and how bleak the future is. May God help us.


2 comments on “…Of Steve Jobs and the UN building bomb…

  1. Well Said Lami. Steve Jobs is really an inspirational story. well, he’ll still be on the board as chairman and an employee. so all hope for the innovative streak is not all lost. As for Nigeria, a sad requiem.

    • Yes Awala, I believe he(Jobs) has done so much to instill that culture that it may not difficult to move on with it. Sad that the stories of this country speak negative volumes. Even though I said God help us, I truly believe He did it already. We just don’t want it.

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