Games for Africa by Africa!

Revolutionary African Gaming Firm, MALIYO, Launches.

Are you one of those who love angry birds or Farmville but have always wondered why we don’t have games that really represent us? Well your time has come!

 A gaming pioneer has emerged on the African continent.
Gaming firm, MALIYO, brings to a global audience everyday African narrative through interactive online and mobile gaming; No doubt, a potentially large conduit for cultural exchange between Africa and the globe. Maliyo will re–‐engage African players both in the continent and in the Diaspora with their own culture through games with a core based on local sounds, characters, environments and narratives. With $82 Billion in global revenue, casual Social and Mobile Gaming has done something that few thought was possible, turning some of the least likely demographics into serious and paying gamers–‐from young women to the over–‐40s crowd!
MALIYO is built around the philosophy of games for Africans by Africans, MALIYO Games launched with six titles in May 2012, with plans to release more titles throughout 2012.Reaching critical mass should be an easy feat for the gaming startup whoseco–‐founder, Hugo Obi, notes:

Our games are inspired by the ordinary folks in Lagos, Nigeria and the Diaspora who yearn for more engaging localized content. The massive global success of Nollywood &

Nigerian Music, coupled with accelerated mobile and Internet penetration, the adoption of lower-‐priced Smartphone devices, all demonstrate the market demand, locally and in the Diaspora, is mature, for such gaming content. The industry will only grow.”

 Beyond the fact that its helm is in Nigeria, MALIYO is a continent wide movement. Mr. Obi adds: We want to be as diverse as  possible with our titles, we’d like to see different cultures, attitudes and lifestyles emerge from
our games. We want our games to be owned by all Africans, not just Nigerians…
We plan for our team to demonstrate that cultural diversity.

Maliyo currently operates with 15 staff working remotely across 5 continents.Amongst the six introductory titles that MALIYO has developed there is a diverse range of concepts and soft gamer challenges:

In OKADA RIDE gamers become Ali, an impoverished okada rider, who has to avoid potholes and beat terrible Lagos traffic in order to find a new job. In KIDNAPPED; generous couple and neighborhood mainstays, Mr. & Mrs. Do–‐good are kidnapped by bandits with a N10m ransom. Gamers must attack the kidnappers whilst keeping the couple safe and rescue them in time. In CLASSFIGHT, gamers help five friends and classmates: Titi, Ngozi, Chidi, Sule, and Chris get up to no good during a class spitball fight. Other titles include FOOTBALL GOALIE, ABOKI and MOSQUITOSMASHER. Mr. Obi says “these games were not developed with a particular learning objective; we’ve created them as a form of casual entertainment”. The titles are for all ages and every nationality.

To learn more about MALIYO and sample their games:







(launch presentation)

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