What happens after the “likes”?-A guide to successful digital marketing

When pitching for business, one of the questions I usually get from clients is “how many likes can you get us on Facebook? In trying to explain that the effectiveness of a campaign/promotion can be measured in various ways, most clients tend to assume that if you cannot assure them of a reasonable number of likes, the campaign is not successful.

One of the elements of digital marketing which makes it difficult for business people to understand is the difficulty with measuring ROI or defining what the KPIs may be. I have seen campaigns where there were millions of impressions but less than 2% of leads. If the clients in this case defined the effectiveness by the number of impressions, then the campaign was successful. But if the real need was leads, then the campaign has failed woefully.

In many cases, digital marketers have been able to get a desired number of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter for their clients/companies and this can be a great opportunity for brand marketing. However, in many cases, very few clients are ready to consider the question “what happens after they like us?-or follow us?” Continue reading


Games for Africa by Africa!

Revolutionary African Gaming Firm, MALIYO, Launches.

Are you one of those who love angry birds or Farmville but have always wondered why we don’t have games that really represent us? Well your time has come!

 A gaming pioneer has emerged on the African continent.
Gaming firm, MALIYO, brings to a global audience everyday African narrative through interactive online and mobile gaming; No doubt, a potentially large conduit for cultural exchange between Africa and the globe. Maliyo will re–‐engage African players both in the continent and in the Diaspora with their own culture through games with a core based on local sounds, characters, environments and narratives. With $82 Billion in global revenue, casual Social and Mobile Gaming has done something that few thought was possible, turning some of the least likely demographics into serious and paying gamers–‐from young women to the over–‐40s crowd!
MALIYO is built around the philosophy of games for Africans by Africans, MALIYO Games launched with six titles in May 2012, with plans to release more titles throughout 2012. Continue reading

We mourn

Today would have been a bright start to a hopeful week. However, we are still hopeful as we keep the flag of the lost flying. We lost an old friend and classmate. Beautiful,neat, interesting, curious and elegant. Someone who represented today’s woman. We are deeply saddened as many of our friends and families mourn the loss of our loved ones. May God soothe our hearts, keep us together and help us to rid this country of the rot which is robbing us day by day.

…Of Steve Jobs and the UN building bomb…

Of Steve Jobs and the UN building…

It has been quite an eventful week in the life of the  typical global resident; from the strange earthquake around Virginia to the very much talked about resignation of Steve Jobs as well as the recent bombing of the UN Abuja building.

Anyone that knows me well is aware of my admiration for the man Steve Jobs and how much I love the two companies he is associated with-Pixar and Apple; I particularly love how much he has contributed to the world of innovation we have today.

The news of his resignation shook various parts of the world and some money markets may have even been affected. This is because he grew  a company that for a long time now has determined the route of culture, innovation and business. The iPod has been the number one selling Mp3 player in the world and would be found in the bags and pockets of more than half of an urban population at every point in time. The Ipad had been predicted to dominate the tablet market till 2015-in a world where there are options which are 80% cheaper. Continue reading

Surprise a little

I am addicted to ginger tea but I refused to be labelled an addict; so every morning, I drop my bag on my desk and take a walk to the shop close to my office to get my daily dose. On this particular day, nothing was really unusual except that the vulcaniser next to her stall was not working on a car, but sat down, looking a bit discouraged”, it seemed heaven was shining down on car owners that day.
As I was about to pass in front of him, he turned sideways (away from me) as if to say “All these ones enjoying life in an office…”. Now, I’ve been known to look quite unfriendly, proud, snobbish, etc, so I knew he would expect that I would walk past him, with my head high, while looking down at him or acting as if he was invisible.
It was with great joy, that I greeted him fully, looking at him in the face and giving him all the attention for those few seconds. It was also with great joy, that I registered the surprise in his eyes, the stammer in his voice as he answered. That was the first time we had exchanged any greetings at all, but I tell you it’s been 3 weeks and we exchange greetings every day- He does it with a smile. I have never done my tyres with him and I probably will never make him rich with my greetings, but I believe something must have altered in him that day-I think so.
A lot of people are not comfortable with surprise, many times because surprise takes them out of control. However, as the “surpriser”, it gives you power, and it puts you at a vantage point. In business, it’s a very good trick to surprise your competitors from time to time. It keeps you on top. It’s also a nice trick to surprise your customers (carefully oh, and once in a long while). In relationships, surprising your partners, give them a version of you they’ve never see before. Give your spouse a massage after they have just obviously annoyed you to the point of ranting. Commend your boss in front of people; tell him how much he has encouraged you to grow (even if he just reprimanded you in a way that made you feel small). If you’re usually late, show up some minutes early one day. Go without make-up one day (hmmmnn).
Variety is REALLY the spice of life and just like we appreciate a product when we realise its additional uses, the same way we will be appreciated when people see some “never-before-seen” sides of us.
I’d like to know if you’ve surprised anyone lately. Please share:
v  I usually try not to blog on issues outside my main title but I realise I will be throwing my thoughts away, so I did it; and it doesn’t feel bad after all.

– Photo credits to “jsascribes”

So you’ve got talent, What next?

Hi guys,

One of the most challenging steps in life is how to take your gifts, skills and talents and make a good livin with them. Funny enough, we are all one way or the other connected to people who have successfully done that; We are either working for them, with them or even being taught by them. British Council is giving us the opportunity to explore our talents till they become productive. The Creative Enterprise Programme is a one month training, networking and mentoring opportunity for young creative entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35. For more details log on to http://www.britishcouncil.org/africa-vacancies.

Deadline is 28th of June 2011.

Good luck!