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So you’ve got talent, What next?

Hi guys,

One of the most challenging steps in life is how to take your gifts, skills and talents and make a good livin with them. Funny enough, we are all one way or the other connected to people who have successfully done that; We are either working for them, with them or even being taught by them. British Council is giving us the opportunity to explore our talents till they become productive. The Creative Enterprise Programme is a one month training, networking and mentoring opportunity for young creative entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35. For more details log on to

Deadline is 28th of June 2011.

Good luck!

Thinking Google

The idea of an online magazine is not new. But since I heard the news of Google releasing one quarterly, there is something refreshing about this idea.

Google’s magazine, called “Think Quarterly” was launched about a week ago and there was some buzz about it. I have checked it out and I am going to be an avid reader; There is no better information than the one which comes from the store. I hope they also have editions fr various regions.

Check it out :

What happened to "Nasco wafers"?

For every child that grew up in Nigeria especially between the late eighties and early nineties, “Nasco wafers” was one of the things for which we were proud of Nigeria.

With its very rich taste anticipated by the rich flavor as it is opened, it was just the ideal incentive for good behavior.

Besides its very good taste, the wafers were packed in very well-designed rectangular packets with boxes which housed about 12(24?) wafers. Available in about 4-5 flavors, each flavor was illustrated by a color which best represented it. For example, green (or yellow?) was banana as pink was strawberry.

If, as a child I was asked what a good brand was,
 he/she would most likely say” Nasco wafers”. It was simply this; it tasted as good as it looked. It was very Nigerian and everyone liked it.

At a time when we are seriously struggling to be seen as a good brand and using “proudly Nigerian” as a differentiator, I’d suggest we look at what we were doing right at that time; At the time when Nasco wafers was enough for most kids in Nigeria and we did not have to import biscuits to enjoy good taste.

Although their website lists it as one of the present products; I’ve not seen it in ages. Last time I tasted it, it was gummy and not as crispy as it used to be. I wonder what happened to Nasco wafers…

The IPAD 2! Why Steve Jobs is my man of the decade!

I am not entirely surprised that the iPad two was released successfully and disappointed no one. I am continually impressed by how consistently the Steve Jobs led organization has consistently delivered innovation.

Apple made us love PCs, they made us love touch screen, they made us music freaks, they have added a new function to carry out with our fingers and they jst keep making us want to spend more no matter what.

Nothing excites me more than innovation and the release of the iPad 2 just proves that Apple understand their role as a innovation driver in the world right now.

According to By Emma Barnett and Shane Richmond of The Telegraph; ‘The problem for rivals is that Apple has delivered the iPad 2 while many of them are on their first version.’

The new iPad raises the bar. Carolina Milanesi of analysts Gartner thinks that Apple still leads the tablet market. “You get a different experience,” she says.

The iPad 2 is one third thinner than the first device and is slightly lighter. It will also be available in white for the first time, as well as the standard black.

The second generation of the iPad, which goes on sale in the UK on March 25 and in the US on March 11, has two cameras built into the rear and front of the device, both of which take photos and shoot video.

The new device comes preloaded with a new app called Photo Booth, which allows people to take distorted photos of themselves and share them with friends. And users will also be able to use the iPad 2 to video call friends who have either an iPad 2, an iPhone 4 or the latest iPod Touch, using Apple Facetime.

Apple has kept the pricing the same, with the cheapest model at $499 (£306).

Jobs said that Apple has installed a new chip inside the iPad 2 which makes the device run up to two times faster than the original iPad. The new chip also allows graphics to load up to nine times faster than the first device. The iPad 2 will also run off the latest Apple operating system, iOS 4.3.

Also, the iPad is now HDMI compatible, which means you can plug it into your TV or a large screen. That, says Jobs, will work with “every app.”

This is just too beautiful!

I saw this also in the Telegraph: “Apple didn’t invent the tablet computer, such devices have been commercially available since the 1980s, but it didn’t invent the MP3 player or the mobile phone either. Instead, it did what it always does: refine the product, make the design as slick and simple as possible and then market it brilliantly. Without the iPad, it’s unthinkable that so many tablets would be appearing in shops today”.

Incremental innovation at its best! Well done Apple! You are exactly what this generation is all about!

Branding a la Louboutin

 The word “branding” has become nauseating to many people, and some just can’t see it as anything beyond a logo. Marketing professionals have tried to explain how far branding goes but these days it seems like just another excuse to make good money. I cannot ignore branding as a media and marketing person but one thing I know is: “No two brands can ever be the same”. As a result of this, it only makes sense to search for that unique thing, hold unto it and claim your space (of course with quality).

It took me a while to become a fan of Christian Louboutin (Not even sure I spelt it right). I was still “sucking up” to Manolo Blahnik’s craftsmanship and coveted a lot of Jimmy Choos. But when the red soles began to hunt me down on every web page, event, show etc, I was sold. While so many people were thinking of how to create a good logo, paint their office space in the colors and probably even sponsor some kind of cause, this designer claimed a space that was barely thought of: The sole. It was simply; ‘seen a red sole, seen a Louboutin’. He claimed his space, has a strong identity and even if a fly girl is sleeping, she can recognize those red soles anywhere. Those red soles can be one of the strongest conversation starters anywhere.

For me, this is a great case study for marketing professionals, artists, artistes, and professionals of all kinds. Find that gap, fill it, and claim it. No other identity can be stronger than that. They can copy, but there will always be an original. Now to save money for that one I just saw…..hmmmmn

Groupon’ ad: When does humour in advertising become distasteful?

Groupon have been in the news as one of the startlingly successful startups in recent times. Their business, based on getting deals has seen super success recently.

However, I wonder how many customers they will lose after a major blunder at the super bowl last Sunday.

Advertising during the super bowl guarantees major exposure but when advertising goes wrong, then it can lead to major losses.

In the commercial, images of Tibet are shown as actor Timothy Hutton reads, “The people of Tibet are in trouble. Their very culture is in jeopardy.”

The image then flips to Hutton inside a restaurant being served food; “But they still whip up an amazing fish curry. And since 200 of us bought at we’re each getting 30 dollars worth of Tibetan food for just 15 dollars at Himalayan restaurant in Chicago.”

The ad has drawn so much criticisms that many people have threatened to close their accounts as they see the ad as insensitive to the situation in Tibet.

As a business person, I’m thinking this may be good time for competitors to grow their market share. But as a media professional, I keep thinking, at what point should humor be considered too much in a media product? Whose fault is it that the ad went out? Many people blame the ad agency but at the same time, how did Groupon feel about the ad before it went on air?

Gropon reps have published statements but PR is so saturating that people know they are being worked on. What then can even be done to repair marketing communications gone wrong?

So many questions…

GTBank launches mobile app for Nokia OVI

GTBank has launched MoVe(Mobile Velocity), a mobile phone application. Features to be enjoyed include The whole suite,currency converter,branch and ATM locator(especially for night crawlers and shopaholics)….lol,call GTConnect and the mobile website. Other benefits include, stock market reports etc

After such an exciting social media campaign which had talks with the GMD some weeks ago, i am really convinced that they know what time it is globally! Unfortunately, it;s just available on OVI so we BB and iphone users will just have to wait. I will also like to see such apps for tablets as well since the tablet fever is fast catching on!

I don’t know how good the application is yet, will test it and get right back to you!. For more information  or to dowload, you can check  or

see ya!